Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia | | Philadelphia Alumni Association

Association History

The Philadelphia Area Alumni Association was chartered on Saturday June 17, 2000, in the 102nd year of the Fraternity, to advance the Object of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia in the city of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Metro area. 

The Commission on Standards, met at our National Headquarters in Evansville, Indiana to discuss the overall health of current colonies, collegiate chapters, and alumni associations in the fraternity. The Philadelphia Area Alumni Association was one they discussed at that time. Unfortunately, given the current number of active, dues-paying members of the association as only being 2 at the time, it was the decision of the Commission on Standards to deactivate the association on Friday, January 7th, 2010.

Five years later, a new generation of Sinfonians came along and decided that it was time to bring brotherly love back to the Philadelphia Area. With hard work and commitment to the Fraternity, the Philadelphia Area Alumni Association was rechartered on Tuesday, May 5, 2015, in the 117th year of the Fraternity. 


Original Charter Members

Rechartering Members

Mitchell Berger, Alpha Zeta '67
Frank Diaz, Epsilon Iota '94
Ryan Dumont, Lambda Beta '92
Steve Glanzmann, Alpha Zeta '88
Michael Kahn, Iota '93
C. Eric Knowlton, Alpha Zeta '92
John Marani, Lambda Beta '90
Michael Martin, Zeta Tau '70
William Mulligan, Epsilon Iota '87
Robert Ross, Rho Upsilon '72
Jim Scollay, Zeta Psi '93
Jesse Tripp, Zeta Xi '62
Lucas DeJesus, Rho Kappa '11
Bradley Gougler, Lambda Beta '13
Ethan Heck, Rho Upsilon '07
Jonah Kazman, Rho Upsilon '09
Joshua McHugh, Rho Upsilon '10
Nathaniel McLaughlan, Lambda Beta '13
Cameron Miller, Xi Mu '07
Samuel Portock, Sigma Gamma '12
Edward Richet Jr., Sigma Gamma '10
David Stoverschlegel, Rho Sigma '09
David Wolf, Rho Sigma '01
Jeremy Weber, Rho Upsilon '11
under the Governorship of Province 27 Governor 
Bro. Derek Danielson, Beta Nu '91
under the Governorship of Province 21 Governor
Bro. Robert Whitmoyer, Lambda Beta '77